Sadie: The Palmer Sisters Book 3
Out February 19, 2019

Sadie: The Palmer Sisters Book 3

Sadie Palmer is the middle child. She’s everything a middle kid should be. She’s agreeable, most of the time. She’s sociable and loyal. But, most of all, Sadie is faithful (to a fault). That’s why Sadie is shaken to her core when she discovers her boyfriend in her bed with the stripper next door. 

Andrew Winchester: a man she’s dated for six years, a man who was supposed to propose on their dream cruise vacation, a man who was going to be the father of her children. And to think, she was ready to give up her thriving bakery business for him. Possibly. Maybe. 

When Sadie decides to cruise alone, she vows to push all thoughts of cheating Andrew away so she can enjoy the first real vacation in her life. Not only that, Sadie is determined to meet new people. 

People like Charles Ashbury. Of the Boston Ashbury’s. While she has no intention of falling for another fancy-man, there’s something about Charlie Ashbury that just does it for her. It could be his broad shoulders, deep blue eyes, and wavy black hair. Sure, he’s great looking and he smells pretty good too. But it’s his sweetness and attentiveness that gives Charlie the in he needs with the beautiful but stubborn Sadie Palmer. 

About The Palmer Sisters Series
This series of novellas is about five sisters (and Molly), their relationships with one another, and their crazy love lives. The books are short, sweet, and oh, so dirty. 

Each book is a standalone with an HEA. 
Due to coarse language and sexual content, suitable for readers 18+

Note: These stories are for those of you who, like me, believe in love at first sight. I knew it when I met my husband and the very moment I held my daughter. It’s a thing. I swear.