Game Changer

Stella Matthews has her life planned out for her. From her promise ring to her parent-approved major in college, she knows there won’t be any surprises in her life. That is until she catches her boyfriend with her new college roommate that life that was so thoughtfully planned, ceases to exist.

Alex Emerson has his life figured out. As a likely first-round pick in the next NFL draft, this All-American tight end is ready to graduate from college and move on to his life as a wealthy, single, pro ball player––the life he’s always wanted. That is until he meets Stella. She makes Alex feel like there is more to life than football.

When the two run into each other, literally, a connection is felt that can’t be explained. Alex has an overwhelming need to protect and love Stella. Stella has an overwhelming need to give Alex her everything. But with a spiteful roommate and a jealous ex in the way, can the two of them find their way to each other?