Michael “Mick” Flynn is a crotchety old man, and he’s only twenty-seven. Left bitter and broken after his last relationship, he’s vowed to remain relationship-free for the rest of his life. Besides, who needs a serious relationship when there are so many willing party girls around to take to his bed? As a mixologist (a.k.a. a bartender) at one of Chicago’s hippest clubs; he’s got his pick of the ladies. So when Veronica “Roni” McGonigall plops down at his bar and orders a classic drink, he’s taken by her smile, her candor, and her ability to make him laugh harder than he has in over a year.

Deciding to drink her sorrows away after realizing the guy she’s crushing on at work won’t give her a second glance, Mick Flynn is the last person she expects to draw into her pathetic life. Mick is hot as sin and absolutely unattainable to a voluptuous girl like Roni. But when Roni pulls Mick into a sexy kiss (thanks to a little too much liquid courage), it leaves them both wondering… can we be more than friends?