The Portrait Painter

Daniel Gillespie is annoyed. As the new CEO of his family’s pharmaceuticals company, he needs his portrait painted––it’s family tradition. After a recommendation, he hires K.T. Spencer after only seeing examples of his work online. It’s a decision he regrets from day one because Daniel realizes he knows K. T. Spencer and he’s a she. Yeah, it’s that Kate Spencer, the maid of dishonor from his best friend’s wedding. Sure, it’s been ten years, but after meeting her again, something tells Daniel that she hasn’t changed all that much.

In the last ten years, nothing has gone as planned for Kate; from her pathetic excuse of a love life that lead her to the decision to be artificially inseminated at age thirty-three. Kate has taken control of her own life and created a thriving business painting the portraits of pretentious rich people.

The problem is Kate Spencer doesn’t want to paint the smug-ass face of Daniel Gillespie, the jerk from her best friend’s wedding. Back then, he couldn’t get away from her fast enough. That’s okay because she’ll make a pretty penny off this job so she can give her son the life he deserves. It’s too bad Daniel Gillespie is still as hot as ever, hell, maybe even hotter.