Vested Interest

It’s David Flynn’s turn to move past his evil-ex and find the woman who was made for him. He’ll be shocked to discover she’s been right under his nose the whole time.

David Flynn has it all. Fresh out of a marriage that was marred by infidelity (hers) and misery (his). Now he’s got life by the cojones. He’s got a job he loves and with the help of his assistant, has moved up every rung of the ladder all the way up to V.P. in a prestigious investment management firm. It’s too bad David can’t see past his own ambitions to the woman who has got him to this point; the same woman he’s about to let go.

Cassandra Darrow has it all. A job she likes and a boss she loves, I mean loves to work with. Cassie and David are a well-oiled machine––a team. At least that’s what she thinks. That is until he lets her go easily––too easily. Surely it’s not because of their little tryst in the alley outside his favorite pub. And it can’t be because she’s not his type, can it?