Hopeful Romantic


When tragedy strikes poor Charlotte Valentine…

Nah, just playin’. The only thing tragic here is Charlotte Valentine’s preoccupation with romance novels. If she could have one wish, it would be to live the life of one of her favorite Heroines rather than in her boring life as a legal secretary.

Her wish may come true when one lawyer at her firm, Chaz, asks her to become his fake girlfriend/fiancé. He needs to look like he’s settled down before his six-month review for partnership comes up. Charlotte jumps at the chance to help out Charles “Chaz” Winslow III because this is the moment she’s been waiting for… there are so many great romance books about fake fiancés. The faux pair always ends up falling madly in love with each other. Always. Sure, Chaz is kind of douche bag. But, he’s not bad looking, and he’s smart. Charlotte is positive she and Chaz will be live happily ever after when the six months is up. I mean, what could go wrong?

Due to sexual situations and coarse content, this book is intended for a mature audience – age 18+.