The Art of the Game

Meet Carter Corcoran: The hottest defensive end in the NFL. He’s big and brawny and has the best sack percentage in the league. Sure, he’s a force on the field but off the field? Let’s just say he’s got a secret. One, up until now, only his family knews about.

Meet Vivien “Reggie” Reginald: The hottest mess that ever graduated from the School at the Chicago Art Institute. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh. Her best friend, Kai, would probably just say that Reggie was misunderstood. Sure, she’s got issues but nothing that can’t be solved by working hard and making art. Am I right?

When they meet, Carter discovers a link between his job playing football and his real passion. He also realizes something’s been missing in his life. Something curvy. Something real. Reggie discovers not all men leave and some even love her just the way she is.