The Importance of Being Ernie


I never used to think that there was such a thing as a stupid genius, but that opinion changed when I met Ernie Flynn. Ernie is smart to the Nth degree about nerdy stuff, but when it comes to women, he’s clueless. My name is Mary Claire Hammer, and I’m in love with that nerd. The trouble is, I’m also his best friend and roommate.

So, while this book is named after him, it’s really about both of us. It’s about Ernie finding his way in the world when things sort of fall apart around him and it’s about me figuring out whether or not Ernie is the One and more importantly if he’s the Right One. So, no matter what you read in this story about Ernie and me, one thing you can be sure of is; I will always love Ernie Flynn.

The Importance of Being Ernie is the fourth book in the Flynn Family Series. It is a stand-alone with an HEA. Due to coarse language and sexual content, this book is suitable for readers 18+.