I never believed in love at first sight...

but I believed it the moment 

I laid eyes on her. 

That's the moment I knew she was mine



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The Importance of Being Ernie


Bonus Book: The Importance of Being Kennedy's

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The Palmer Sister


Violet: The Palmer Sisters Book 5

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The Palmer Sisters


Molly: The Palmer Sisters Book 6

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Coming soon...

Meet Quinn Maxwell. Student. Dork. And a woman in love with a guy who doesn't know she exists.

Meet Cooke Braddock. British Hottie. Rugby Star. Chick Magnet. And a guy trying to FaceChat with his old mate Maxwell Quinn. 

What could possibly go wrong?

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Hopeful Romantic


Re-release Coming Soon

When tragedy strikes poor Charlotte Valentine…

Nah, just playin’. There’s nothing tragic about this story, well, unless you’re talking about Charlotte Valentine’s preoccupation with romance novels. If she could have one wish, it would be to live the life of one of her favorite Heroines rather than in her boring life as a legal secretary.

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