Series: The Palmer Sisters

Molly: Book 7


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Molly Gustafson Barone is a single mom to a three-year-old daughter. She never pictured her life turning out like this but that's what happens when your husband, the love of her life, runs off and dies in Afghanistan. But sometimes life throws you a curve-ball that you can't avoid. At least she has Madalyn. 

Sigmund "Sig" Engel is a man searching for something. But what? After leaving the service, he found himself in the sleepy little town of Page, Arizona, working at a custom bike shop. A decision that may just change his life forever. 

Lainie: Book 1


Recently divorced, Lainie Palmer-Bottoms is a woman on a mission. A mission to jump-start her romance writing career with a sexy novel about a badass biker gang.   

Keeton Gustafson is a badass biker-dude and owner of Gustafson Custom Motorcycles. He's also Lainie Palmer-Bottom's muse. The thing is, the second Keeton gets a look at the curvy beauty, it's him that's inspired. 

Agatha: Book 2


Agatha Palmer is a workaholic. That is until she's accused of embezzling a large sum of money from Heart and Soul Shoes. The company she's been dedicated to for eight years.   

When Agatha takes it upon herself to find the real thief, disguise and all, she's caught red-handed by hunky Cyber Security Specialist, Ian Burke. When she pleads her case, Ian not only believes her, he decides he'll stop at nothing to clear her name. A name that maybe, just maybe, will end with 'Burke' someday. 

Sadie: Book 3


Sadie Palmer is in the middle. She sits smack dab in the middle of all those Palmer Sisters; the voice of reason for her many sisters. She’s sociable, loyal and most of all, faithful. That’s why Sadie is shaken to her core when she discovers her boyfriend in her bed, on her favorite sheets, with the stripper next door.  

Sadie is determined to meet new people. 

People like Charles Ashbury. Of the Boston Ashbury’s. While she has no intention of falling for another elitist snob, there’s something about Charlie Ashbury that just does it for her. It could be his broad shoulders, deep blue eyes, and wavy black hair. Sure, he’s great looking and he smells pretty good too. But it’s his sweetness and attentiveness that gives Charlie the in that he needs with the beautiful but stubborn Sadie Palmer. 

Cortland: Book 4


Hi there. My name is Cortland Ashbury, and this is my story. Not my entire life story, mind you, so this won’t take too long to read.   

I hope you like quickies. ;)  

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised I landed a spot amongst the lovely Palmer ladies but here I am sandwiched between six of the prettiest women in Arizona. Not the prettiest though. No, Miss Polly-Anna Joyce Phillips is the prettiest woman in the world. Stubborn too. It took me two months to convince her that we were meant to be. Luckily, I’m a lawyer. I’m trained to argue. And win.  

Keely: Book 5



Keely Palmer, hate cops. They’re sneaky and rude––especially the hot ones. Well, I guess I’m talking about one hot cop in particular. He’s the worst. He gave me not one but two tickets in the same day and I swear, he was about to dish out a third.   


Keely Palmer is a menace. She drives like a bat out of hell and thinks, just because she’s curvy and adorable, she can do whatever she wants. Well, I, Nick Martelli, have news for that little spitfire… Not on my watch! 

Violet: Book 6


Violet Palmer is broken. At least that’s what she thinks. No matter what she does, she just can’t shake the traumatic events that occurred six years prior, while she was a freshman in college. A trauma that no one but her twin, Keely, knows about and she only knows some of it. So, when the hottest man in the entire world, Eric Gustafson, starts to show interest, the only thing Violet can do is push him away. He’s too perfect for someone as imperfect as she is.

Eric Gustafson knew it would happen, someday. That he’d meet her, the one. He just didn’t know how it would manifest itself. For Eric, it was like this: his heart stopped beating for a second or two. Then, it started back up but in double time. He felt short of breath and dizzy, so much so he had to put his hand on something to keep himself from falling over. He leaned on the fireplace mantel at his big brother, Keeton’s, house. That’s where he first saw her. Spoke to her. Fell in love with her. Violet.

Series: The Flynns

The Flynns Book 1


Out of the Blue

While Sophie doesn't believe a man like Henry Flynn would want her; Henry believes fate has brought them together. 

Fingers crossed fate wins because who doesn't love a happy ending?

The Flynns Book 2



Deciding to drink her sorrows away after realizing the guy she's crushing on at work won’t give her a second glance, Mick Flynn is the last person she expects to draw into her pathetic life. Mick is hot as sin and absolutely unattainable to a voluptuous girl like Roni.

The Flynns Book 3


Vested Interest

It's David Flynn's turn to move past his evil-ex and find the woman who was made for him. He’ll be shocked to discover she's been right under his nose the whole time. 

The Flynns Books 4 & 5


The Importance of Being Ernie

I never used to think that there was such a thing as a stupid genius, but that opinion changed when I met Ernie Flynn. Ernie is smart to the Nth degree about nerdy stuff, but when it comes to women, he’s clueless.


Bonus Book: The Importance of Being Kennedy's

This little book is all about me––Ernie Flynn––about me getting my shit together, about me figuring out that Kennedy Corcoran’s my future, and about me working my ass off to convince that same Kennedy Corcoran that I’m her future too.

The Flynns Book 6


Quirky Girl

At first, all Ed can see in Bea is a clumsy, awkward girl whose uniform is ill-fitting, whose hair is a rats nest, and who has no business waiting tables at his little brother's wedding reception. But, when she ends up in his arms, something happens. And no, it's not the glass of red wine she just spilled on his shirt. It's something way better. It's too bad Ed can't seem to picture himself ever being happy let alone getting his own happily ever after.


Game Changer


Stella Matthews has her life planned out for her. From her promise ring to her parent-approved major in college, she knows there won’t be any surprises in her life. That is until she catches her boyfriend with her new college roommate that life that was so thoughtfully planned, ceases to exist.

Alex Emerson has his life figured out. As a likely first-round pick in the next NFL draft, this All-American tight end is ready to graduate from college and move on to his life as a wealthy, single, pro ball player––the life he’s always wanted. That is until he meets Stella. She makes Alex feel like there is more to life than football.

The Portrait Painter


As the new CEO of his family’s pharmaceuticals company, Daniel Gillespie needs his portrait painted––it's family tradition. After a recommendation, he hires K.T. Spencer after only seeing examples of his work online. It’s a decision he regrets from day one because Daniel realizes he knows K. T. Spencer and he’s a she.

In the last ten years, nothing has gone as planned for Kate Spencer; from her pathetic excuse of a love life that lead her to the decision to be artificially inseminated at age thirty-three and agreeing to paint the smug jerk Daniel Gillespie

It's got bad idea written all over it.

One of a Kind


MacKenzie Parker is no ordinary woman. She’s quirky, klutzy, and would much rather be home eating her weight in cheesy puffs than hob-knobbing it with the rich and almost famous. Out of her element and her mind most of the time, MacKenzie is shocked when a sexy stranger gives her the best kiss of her life just as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, she’ll never know who he is because he kissed her and bolted. It doesn’t matter that man is totally out of her league. 

Sam Stone is no ordinary man. He’s an ex-marine and the head of his own security company. He’s big, strong, and definitely not looking to settle down. That is until he spots the peculiar redhead while working a job at an extravagant New Year’s Eve party. She’s a rose among thorns. A true beauty with crystal-blue eyes, shiny auburn locks, and freckles that run rampant across the bridge of her nose. All he knows is watching her has been the highlight of his evening. Whoever she is, she’s one-of-a-kind, and a woman like her deserves to be kissed as the clock strikes midnight.

The Virginia Chronicles


College senior Virginia Madison has a problem. She's due to graduate but she refuses to go out into the 'real world' with the stigma as a twenty-one-year-old v-i-r-g-i-n. To remedy the situation, she decides to turn her Senior Research Project into the search for the perfect candidate to, well, you know...  

Baker Stark is a player on and off the ice. As an Iowa State hockey player, he has his pick of the ladies. But when he's surprised by the connection he feels after one kiss with the nerdy girl who's researching s-e-x, he's thrown into a tailspin. 

Because Virginia Madison drives him crazy. In all the right ways. 

The Art of the Game


When Carter Corcoran talks to Vivien Jayne Reginald, a.k.a. Reggie, at an art exhibit, he meets a kindred spirit; one who understands his need to create. She’s not his type. At. All. She’s all curves and spunk. Nothing like his normal arm candy. But, the more Carter learns about Vivien, the more he realizes something’s been missing in his life. Something real. 

Now all he has to do is convince Vivien he’s worth the risk.

(And here’s a heads up for those of you who are following the Flynn Family series. Carter Corcoran is Kennedy Corcoran-Flynn’s brother;)

Hopeful Romantic


Re-release coming soon...

When tragedy strikes poor Charlotte Valentine…

Nah, just playin’. There’s nothing tragic about this story, well, unless you’re talking about Charlotte Valentine’s preoccupation with romance novels. If she could have one wish, it would be to live the life of one of her favorite Heroines rather than in her boring life as a legal secretary.

Her wish may come true when one lawyer at her firm, Chaz, asks her to become his fake girlfriend / fiancé. 

It's the moment she’s been waiting for… there are so many great romance books about fake fiancé's. Charlotte is positive she and Chaz will be live happily ever after when the six months is up. I mean, what could go wrong?

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